Our Most Commonly Asked Questions!

Can I cash my investment in early?

If you find your own buyer then yes the shares can be transferred. If not, then ETA may purchase investments back at 15% less than the original sale price – subject to agreement.

Are the returns net?

Yes the returns are paid net.

How do I know my investment is secured?

As it states in the memorandum we have secured the investment with properties or cash.

We comply fully with the regulatory board in the USA. They send a third party regulated auditor to visit us every 6 months to check that we are compliant with the rules.

We have stated in our filing that any funds received will be 100% backed up by either property or cash.

These are considered the safest types of investment.

What happens if I stop receiving my payments?

We will be in breech of our agreements and be evicted from any properties that we occupy. Any properties owned will be repossessed.

Is my investment in USD or another currency?

This depends on the option that you choose but you might well find that your favored option is operating in a different currency so be sure to clarify this before investing.

Some guaranteed investments are backed by a company called 'New Nordic Group'. What is your relationship with them?

We have entered into an agreement to provide a platform for New Nordic Group to offer more flexibility to their investors.

We also offer this to our clients as it is a very solid investment with some good guaranteed returns.

New Nordic Group are a large company with thousands of employees over many countries and have been successfully operating an investment program for nearly 10 years already.

What happens if ETRE or New Nordic Group go bankrupt?

In the case of both companies going into liquidation or failing to meet the terms of their agreements (failing to pay the rental guarantee), Blumenthal Richter and Summit law firm (http://brslawyers.com) have been pre-authorized to take possession of the assets and manage them and/or sell them accordingly and return the money to the investors.

This is an automatic process with no court action required. Blumenthal Richter and Summet are one of Thailand’s largest law firms, established since 1976. We have chosen them as they have an American partner who specializes in real estate so it was the perfect match.

What happens if any of the other investments that ETRE are doing go wrong? How would that affect my investment?

The assets purchased in this offering are placed in an isolated LLC company, which has no purpose other than to act as a vehicle to provide a loan/mortgage and hold a charge over the properties.

It will never be affected by anything else that ETRE might do.

Is the US company actually buying the assets?

Thai law states that foreign entities can only own 49% of any condos buildings or companies that own other property types.

There are however other completely legal and safe ways that we are able to secure assets under full foreign ownership. Depending on the assets, we would secure our investment by one of the following ways:

  • BOI – Board of Investment
  • FBL – Foreign Business License
  • Treaty of Amnesty
  • Foreign Charge (mortgage)
  • Foreign Lease

Many developing countries have similar regulations to ownership, however we always investigate for the best solutions. If we don’t find a completely legal and safe solution then we simply can’t operate and we move on.